Hobby Lobby ruling expands corporate rights

The following editorial appeared in the Raleigh (N.C.) News & Observer on Tuesday, July 1:

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling Monday that closely held corporations cannot be required to provide contraceptive coverage for their employees brought protests that it will deny some corporate employees full access to health care.

But the court’s ruling was narrow, and its effect on women’s use of contraception likely will not be as broad as its opponents claim. What was more disturbing about the ruling than the issue of preventing conception was the court majority’s insistence on bringing into legal life a new entity the corporation as person. READ MORE

Candidates for U.S. House and Senate Races Sign Alaska Constitution Pledge

U.S. House candidate Forrest Dunbar and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Fish signed We the People Alaska’s Constitutional Pledge to let Alaskans know they believe the intent of the Alaska Constitution has always been to protect constitutional rights for individual human beings, and not to grant those rights to corporations, unions, and other “artificial persons.”  Dunbar and Fish added their names to the list that includes U.S. Senator Mark Begich, running for re-election, and Lt. Governor candidate State Senator Hollis French who is running for Lt. Governor, as well as a rapidly growing number of incumbent Alaska Legislators and candidates in the upcoming 2014 election. READ MORE

We the People Alaska gets national press coverage

“We the People Alaska” and the Alaska Constitution Pledge are getting national attention.  The Seattle PI and The Republic (Columbus, Indiana) recently posted articles about our effort after We the People Alaska was officially launched on March 31st.  You can read the full stories here…

We the People Alaska on Talk of Alaska

The issue of corporate personhood has been brought up repeatedly by callers to the Talk of Alaska. Steve Heimel interviews Gershon Cohen. Listen to the interview here.

The Shannyn Moore show

Shannyn Moore discusses corporate personhood in Alaska and interviews Gershon Cohen about the Alaska Constitution Pledge and related issues.

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  • 2014 state and federal election candidates listed by district, and their stand on the Alaska Constitution Pledge


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